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(Re)Activation Cloud solution to revitalise dormant or lapsed players 

Enteractive, the leader in player reactivation and retention for the iGaming industry, has announced a new partnership with SuprNation to activate NRCs to NDCs, and to reacquire lapsed or dormant player accounts across their brand portfolio, including flagship and the innovative mobile-optimised casino,

Every player counts with (Re)Activation Cloud

By integrating the (Re)Activation Cloud platform, SuprNation will retain Enteractive’s skilled agents to engage in one-on-one conversations with players by phone, providing a personalised service that perfectly fits the SuprNation brand culture. The collaboration will drive more customer deposits and boost the company’s bottom line through re-activation of stalled registrations and lapsed player accounts.

Rasmus Hammar, Casino Manager of SuprNation, said, “With this new partnership, we are entrusting Enteractive with our unique brand values to re-energise our player engagement and activity. Their agents have all the right skills to remind our lapsed and dormant players about SuprNation’s one-of-a-kind entertainment services. This is a crucial component of our ongoing success.”

With what Enteractive calls it’s Retention-as-a-Service platform, SuprNation will boost player retention rates while delivering a level of responsible gambling care not possible with SMS, email, or even live chat CRM strategies.

Mikael Hansson, Enteractive founder and CEO, commented: “SuprNation is a super-cool brand which requires only the best service to engage with their customers, and Enteractive has the cultural minerals to deliver on-the-money customer retention and reactivation strategies that resonate with the brand.  Our agents are super excited about bringing players back to this iGaming trailblazer!”

Enteractive’s personalised, responsible approach, ease of integration and solid ROI for clients sets them apart from other conversion or reactivation offerings, adding value to the players brand experience with each and every call.  Across Europe, iGaming brands are already benefiting from Enteractive’s ability to re-engage with inactive players in a scalable and personal way.


For more information, please contact:

Andrew Foster – Head of Business Development

+356 9994 8841

Media contact for further information and interview requests:

Jools Moore – Marketing Manager

+44 771 773 4606

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About Enteractive:

Pioneers in player (Re)Activation, Enteractive partners with operators to increase retention and player loyalty, by engaging with players in a one-to-one conversation. All (Re)Activation methods used are GDPR and G4 compliant, and all data processed is highly secured.

As the pioneers behind the (Re)Activation Cloud™, Enteractive are experts in building bridges between operators and their players, increasing retention and player loyalty by engaging with players in a 1-on-1 conversation.

Enteractive also offers 24/7 Customer Support as an easy plug-and-play extension of day-to-day business operations.