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In the latest issue of Casino International, Enteractive CEO Mikael Hansson highlights the impact a phone call can have on reactivation rates.

Enticing a churned player back onto the slot machines or roulette tables requires that extra bit of effort to make them feel wanted. Sending messages is common practice when retaining and reactivating players, however, at Enteractive we find that talking to individuals on a personal basis is the most effective tool.

Talking to the people in your database on a one-to-one basis can do wonders for your brand. It makes people feel like they are not just a number, it gives the impression that you care whether they hang around or not, so they are more likely to stay and play.

There is very little differentiation between brands and games in igaming, the most important thing is your customer service and how you connect and make your customers feel. If you call customers that stop playing to bring them back to the game, they will feel like a VIP. They will want to stay and play.

Contacting people individually is also an opportunity to tackle problem gambling. In an industry with a rising problem, it’s important too not only show you care, but also put in place measures that prevent underage playing and problem gambling.

In fact, we estimate this method of communication can actually convert around 30% of players into becoming active again.

Read Mikael’s full article by clicking here.

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