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There is a huge hidden potential in your registered non-funded or churned sports betting and iGaming customers. With (Re)Activation Cloud, operators can seamlessly scale personalized one-on-one player conversations from pilot trial to millions of players, in any market around the world.

Share your inactive player data.

(Re)Activation Cloud connects our agents with your players for a friendly 1:1 talk in their language.

Players win-back is combined with responsible gaming monitoring and customer care.

Depositing players are kept in a careful CRM contact loop to build long term loyalty.

The Enteractive Guarantee – Only Pay when Players Play

When you integrate with (Re)activation Cloud we’re in the same boat. We invest in your inactive players and share the gain when we deliver results. All with long term focus and responsible gaming at heart.

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If you’re a big operator with big ambitions you might think that it’s the law of big numbers that matter. It’s not. Success lies in paying attention to the small things. To be there for each and every player. Proving that you care. Making sure they are safe and sound.

Because when you are loyal to them, they will be loyal to you. When you truly connect with your players, your bottom line will strengthen. So will your Responsible Gaming worth. Because that’s just how the world works.

(Re)Activation Cloud gives you that power through a single API.

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Increase in Player Reactivation Rate


Increase in Average Player Deposits


Return on Investment

“Recent research on gambling addiction prevention shows that calling players is the optimal way to ensure responsible gaming. It also improves customer experience and reduces churn.”


Man meets machine

(Re)Activation Cloud delivers results by uniquely combining technology and people interaction.
Based on your CRM data, 1-on-1 personal phone calls are made by our highly-trained agents interviewing your inactive players to listen and understand exactly what they want from their gaming experience.
Your players are then guided accordingly.

Data & Privacy, we got you covered

We use the latest technologies to keep your data safe, highly-secured and compliant with modern regulation.
That includes Data Privacy & Responsible Gaming.
Check out our Responsible Gaming section.

Retention done right

We plug straight into your customer journey and act as an extension of your CRM cycle.
(Re)activation Cloud optimizes call timing for best response across each market, who to call and what conversations to have.
One single platform to transform inactive players into active and loyal customers.

Calling is caring

How can you possibly know that your customers are safe and sound unless you actually talk to them?
Research shows* that speaking with players 1:1 is the optimal way to monitor for gaming addiction problems.
And not only that, it also reduces churn and makes players loyal and more happy. It’s simply amazing.