(Re)Activation Cloud®

A reactivation tool that connects inactive players to play again.

Out Native sales agents together with our specialized tech platform guide your inactive players to the games they enjoy, again and again.

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You send your player segment

We apply our reactivation method

We convert inactive players back in the game

We keep your players playing

The Enteractive Guarantee – You Pay When Your Players Play

Our tech platform tracks optimal call times for maximum response rate across each market.

Every player counts

The stagnation of players is unfortunate but also inevitable within the iGaming industry. Reacquiring those lost players can be very costly, if you go down the route of paid media re-targeting.

We chose to focus on retention. We target that 68%* of customers that feel like they are not taken care of and ultimately leave. Our services result in a boost to bottom-line P&L and brand loyalty.

Enteractive offers a unique approach to player retention and reactivation by focusing on human interaction.

With tech and automation on everyone’s lips, the human touch has become rare and therefore more valuable. Talking to players over the phone using our clients’ brand voice, helps us build close relationships.

* Statistics source: the American Society of Quality Control (1997)

Increase in Player Reactivation Rate
Increase in Average Player Deposits
Return on Investment

How do we achieve this?

Through our unique way of combining both tech and people interactions

In a world of automation, we stand out through our human-centred approach.

This is achieved through unique one-to-one personal phone calls where highly-trained agents interview individuals to understand exactly what they want from their gaming experience and guide these players accordingly.

Our human-powered services use the latest innovative technologies to keep your player data safe, highly-secured and compliant with modern regulation including GDPR & G4 Gaming Responsible.

Why we believe reactivating players transforms player engagement

We effortlessly plug straight into your customer journey and we act as an extension of your CRM cycle.

Based on our human powered tech platform; we track optimal call times for best response across each market, we know who to call and what conversations we should have in order to convert your inactive players, into active and loyal customers.

We are committed to a long-term relationship with you, and this is why you only pay when your players play.

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