(Re)activation Cloud

Let’s (re)engage your players and get them back in the game. Enteractive’s Reactivation Cloud offers a multitude of industry-leading features which gives your reactivation strategy the needed human touch whilst powered by secure and GDPR compliant technology.

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You send your selected player segment

We receive your churned and dormant database.


We Apply Our Unique Reactivation Method

We apply our personalised, player to player, reactivation methodology unlocking their hidden value.


We get them back and playing on your site

You receive real bottom line results, which you can track through your personalised dashboard.

The Enteractive Guarantee – You Pay When They Play

Get your Players Back in the Game

Operators are well aware of the rising costs of acquiring new customers, which is why more emphasis is now being placed on retention. But the battle to keep them engaged is just as challenging, particularly with rising competition in the marketplace. And when the unfortunate but inevitable churn does happen among players, reacquiring them can be very costly.

We know the hidden potential locked in your inactive customer database. That’s why we focus on unlocking that concealed value through player reactivation, which can make a third of your non-depositing sleeping players jump to life.

Reactivation will become an integral part of your Customer Lifecycle. Starting by establishing the most secure way of exchanging player data and over time integrating and driving automation. We also deliver user level feedback on player experience, providing important insights to improve player relationships and their CRM journey.

Focusing on getting your players back, whilst never acting as an affiliate, we apply first grade security and integrity on player data. Through experience, we know that we deliver tangible and measurable value giving us the confidence to only charge when we create real bottom line results.


Increase in Player
Reactivation Rate


Increase in Average
Player Deposits


on Investment

The Human Touch

As a result, it’s more effective to pick up the phone and conduct personal, one on one conversations to cut through that noise. It may be perceived as the old-fashioned way of communication to younger generations, but talking to someone directly is still a powerful engagement tool.

Our secret sauce is having players talk to players, about things they care about. And trust us, it’s not an easy task. We hire only superstars and invest heavily in training our staff in the Reactivation methodology we’ve spent 10+ years perfecting, which has led to our +50% reactivation rate.


Activate the inactive

Have you experienced a sudden influx of non-active players following a strong marketing campaign? Newly registered customers or ‘NRCs’, as we refer to them, are players that have registered with an operator but failed to make a deposit.

Having developed this offering after being approached by a number of operators that were seeking a solution to getting these players to fund their accounts, we decided to offer it as an additional service to our Reactivation package. It has become a very popular solution after operators have exhausted standard CRM tools and we are able to deliver a conversion rate of 25% of players we speak to. The uptake in the market is phenomenal and whilst showing huge potential for operators as acquisition risks are kept to a minimum and the cost is kept at a minimum.

What would Reactivation mean to your business?

Make Reactivation an integral part of your customer lifecycle!