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Winners Court Tournament – how it works:
Winners Court is a fun and competitive format in which individual players are randomly paired in each round. The objective is to win matches and get promoted to / stay on the winners court.

Once the last round is announced, the teams on the winners court will play the “final” and this will determine the prize distribution. (Prizes for this tournament will be merchandise and bragging rights!)

19:30 – 19:45 – Players arrive and register for the event.
19:45 – 20:00 – A walkthrough of the event format, rules, distribution of balls and court/team assignments
20:00 – 20:05 – Players go straight to their courts and start warming up.
We play as many rounds as we can until 22:00 and then the final round will be announced.

Match format
– 16 players, 4 courts, 1 final

– Players’ starting court and partner will be randomly selected.
– Regular matches are played until a maximum of 19 points and the Final will be played until 25 points.
– Once a team reaches 10 points the match will finish, and you should report the score and await your next match by the appropriate court.
– Partner selection and which team serves first will be decided by match official with the toss of a coin.
– Please do not start your match until the match officials have randomly selected partners and serving teams.
– There is no additional warm-up time or requirement to play for the serve.  The games start once all four players are on the court.
– Serves are played as 2, 2, 2 etc, until the final point which is 1
– Players will agree between themselves who plays on forehand/backhand positions.
– Change sides every 8 points played, at which point partnered players may swap positions if they wish.
– When the match concludes please confirm results to the match officials and await your next match by the relevant court

Fair play
By participating you agree to conduct yourself in a fair play manner

Collusion of any kind will not be accepted

Any queries, please email